beacon hope logo 2018 In Order to Shine! 

It is time to get our house in order to shine. For two years, we have prayed, planned, and prepared knowing Jesus admonished us, “…Your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father” (Matthew 5:16).

The response to our Beacon of Hope Feasibility Study was remarkable. Although there was generous support for all of our needs, a clear preference for getting our current facilities in order was expressed with great passion from a few to eliminate our debt. Hearing you and incorporating these preferences, our Beacon of Hope campaign is stronger because of you! 

Our Need: 

Our buildings facilitate our service and mission. They must function well for us to effectively fulfill God’s plan to deepen our encounter with Him and to be a Beacon of Hope for others. 

  • Heating, air conditioning, roof, walls, windows, parking lot, and playground are in need of repair or replacement. 
  • Meeting rooms, offices, and storage areas are maxed out. For groups and organizations, we need to improve the function of Schindler Hall. 
  • For those seeking God, we need an enhanced feeling of welcome in our worship space to aid us as we elevate our minds and hearts toward God. 
  • New preschool classrooms for our young families are needed, too. 
  • All of the above by reaching our Primary Goal. And, if we were to reach our Possibility Goal, we will build a new, large Parish Activity Center. 

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Our Primary Goal: $4,500,000 

We are in the strongest financial position for our community ever! With money in savings, reduced maintenance and utility costs, and reduced debt payments, a successful $4,500,000 campaign will enable us to meet most of our needs (including HVAC, weatherproofing, meeting space, offices, storage, worship, as well as four new preschool classrooms). 

Our Possibility Goal: $5,900,000 

If we were to do extraordinarily well and reach $5,900,000 in gifts and pledges, we would be able to build a new Parish Activity Center/Gym. In both cases, we will be debt free by June, 2024. 

Our Timeline: 

  • Starts Now: Capital campaign starts now and takes place over the summer/early fall. 
  • This summer, New Playground; Repave the parking lot, and Weatherproof Facilities. 
  • Pledges and Gifts received in September. 
  • With grace, grit, generosity, and gladness of hearts, we celebrate in October! 


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St. Patrick Catholic Church
1000 N. Beckley Station Road
Louisville, KY 40245
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Parish Office:
Phone: 502-244-6083

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