Reflection - May 7, 2017

"Whoever has seen me has seen the Father."

In January 1984, Huey Lewis and the News released a single called "I Want a New Drug." I was 12 years old at the time and somewhat naive, but I loved the song. For five years, every time i heard the song, I sang along with it, "I want a new truck." At eighteen, I was shocked when a friend corrected my singing and told me the actual lyrics because, in all truth, I really wanted a new truck!

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Reflection - April 2, 2017

"Untie him and let him go."

So many of us are fixers. We see a problem and we want to fix it. Of course, this is done out of compassion for those who are in need. When we see someone suffering from an illness, struggling with a difficult relationship, facing a great challenge in life, the victim of an injustice, or being battered by life circumstances, we want to fix the situation. We want to help in someway that is practical and changes the reality that they are going through.

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Reflection - March 12, 2017

"Lord, it is good that we are here."

If you listen carefully at the beginning of Mass with Fr. Adam, you'll hear him say similar words. "It is good for us to be here." At this point in the Gospel story, Peter, James and John have seen Jesus revealed as who he is: his face shining like the sun and his clothes as white as light. Even Moses and Elijah stand talking with him. It is not until later, when the voice of the Father speaks from the cloud, that they become afraid. For now, they are content, buoyed by hope, at peace. They know this is something special and that they belong. It is good that we are here.

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