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Advent 2022

A variety of resources to assist you through Advent to Christmas.

Every Advent season, St. Patrick provides a variety of resources that assist you in your four-week journey through Advent to Christmas. This year, please pick up one (1) of two different daily prayer books for adults that will step you through each day of Advent. Also, while they last, pick up the daily prayer book for families as well as one for children. All prayer books are in the Church Gathering Space. 

Advent prayer booklets in Church Gathering Space:

Awaiting the Good News with Dominican Sister Janet Schaeffler 

Opening to Great Joy with Deacon S. James Meyer. 

We Are Your Family, Lord: Daily Reflections, Prayers, and Actions for Families with Connie Clark 

Advent inspiration from Loyola Press

You will find a treasure trove of more than 20 articles, activities, prayers, weekly reflections, an adult Advent calendar, and more at the Loyola Press website. These excellent resources will help prepare you for the Divine Guest -- Jesus -- at Christmas. Loyola Press is a trusted, non-profit Catholic publishing ministry of the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus [The Jesuits]. St. Patrick Church has utilized LP resources for more than 20 years in our faith formation ministries. 

Advent videos from Busted Halo

Advent in Two Minutes
The Rosary in Two Minutes

Saints of Advent season

Articles on Advent Calendar, Traditions, Waiting, St. Nick, and Mary

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Best Advent Ever - Free daily Advent reflections from Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic.


FORMED.org is a Catholic web platform with hundreds of audio files, feature films, books, adult studies, interviews with Catholic thinkers, and so much more. Thanks to our parish-wide subscription, it is available to you free of charge!! Signing up is easy. 1. Visit http://signup.formed.org/ 

2. Enter our parish name [St. Patrick Church, Louisville] zip [40245] and your name and email address. Here are some Advent season suggestions 

at FORMED.org:

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Daily Advent Reflections from FORMED.org 

Audio files at FORMED.org:

The Gift of Peace, an audio drama of the first six chapters -- including the infancy narrative -- of the Gospel of Luke.

The Story of Christmas, an audio drama about the first Christmas

The King is Born: A Collection of Praises in Song.

Feature film at FORMED.org:

Mary of Nazareth is an epic motion picture on the life of Mary, Mother of Christ, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus. Mary of Nazareth was filmed in high definition in Europe with a strong cast, majestic music score, and artful cinematography. Actress Alissa Jung gives a beautiful, compelling, and inspiring portrayal of Mary. 

Children's programs at FORMED.org

The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello -- Follow Benjamin Cello, a winsome country gentleman, as he leads his friends on song-filled adventures through the Land of the Baptized Imagination. Whether it’s dancing in the beauty of Pennywhistle Park, hearing the hallelujah hoedowns of the Big Ol’ Barn, or reading deeply in the mysterious and elevated Book Endless Book Tower, The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello will captivate your children with the beauty and purity of a God-breathed imagination!

Children's books at FORMED.org

Christmas with Bernadette 

Featured series at FORMED.org:

The Search -- This seven-episode series filmed in high definition is sure to surprise you while giving you a new appreciation for the beauty, breadth, and depth of the Catholic faith. Knowledgeable and credentialed sources offer their insights. Catholic evangelist and emcee Chris Stefanick takes you across the globe. [All seven episodes are excellent but episodes 3, 6, and 7 are highly recommended.] 

Grief: Finding Hope in Sorrow

Grief bible study as we navigate the Christmas season. We will meet on 12/2, 12/9 and 12/16 from 6-7:30 in the JP2 room.

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