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New Brand


Since its early beginnings St. Patrick has always been, a beacon of Christ’s love. A vibrant community that welcomes you home on your journey to a more intimate relationship with God. Any logo seeking to capture the heart of St. Patrick must begin with the parish’s mission in mind.


Capturing the heart of St. Patrick is exactly what this rebranding seeks to do. That’s why our new logo is literally the heart of its predecessor. Renewing the design to focus on the foundation and core of our mission to the community. It reminds us of the strength and unity of our parish symbolized by the beloved Celtic Cross. As the four edges of the new design come together they imitate four people locking arms in an embrace. This represents God’s love for us reflected in the love and support we share with one another. If you look carefully you will see that this outpouring of love is not contained within the circle and instead reaches outside of itself. Just as God’s love reaches out to draw us closer to Him and sends us out as disciples to do the same for others.

Problem & Solution

As our world moves into the greatest communication shift of the last 500 years it is crucial that our brand kit meets the demands of these changes. At the time our original logo was conceived platforms we currently use were unheard of such as streaming, smart devices, HD Video, mobile webpages, apps, and of course social media. Originally the only way for the community to interact with St. Patrick was in person on Sunday mornings at the Eastwood Community Center. Today, Instead of a single channel to reach our community, the city of Louisville and the people who live in this area with the beacon of Christ’s love, we have multiple channels at all times. This is an amazing opportunity for our parish to welcome others home and to grow. It also requires a robust design to meet these new challenges head on. While the Eastwood Community Center was a fantastic space the needs of the parish grew to require the breathtaking campus we have today. In a similar way our brand kit needed a more dynamic infrastructure to adequately reflect the progression of our community.