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Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) 2023

Do this in memory of me. Luke 22:19

Let us pray...

Heavenly Father, we come to You in a spirit of thanksgiving, with the

knowledge that all that we have and all that we are comes from You.

Loving and gracious God,

You gave us Your Son, Jesus Christ.

May the words He spoke at the Last Supper,

Do this in memory of me”,

be our guiding force and our direction.

Help us to have the courage and wisdom to live our lives as He did.

When we feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, comfort the

sorrowful and lift up the lowly, we honor and remember Him.

Lord, bless the mission and ministry of the Catholic Services Appeal.

May our gifts to the Appeal be given with a spirit of joy and gratitude.

We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and

reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.


A message from Archbishop Shelton:

Understanding the theme

The theme of this year’s Appeal is from sacred scripture, (Luke 22:19), Do this in memory of me. These words of Jesus, spoken at each celebration of the Eucharist, resonate in the heart of every Catholic. With this invitation, and strengthened by the Eucharist, Jesus invites us to remember Him as we go forth into the world and respond as His disciples to all that we encounter. The annual Appeal gives us an opportunity to do this by living out our archdiocesan mission statement: to proclaim and live the good news of Jesus Christ.