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Facility Request Form

  • Only current registered St Patrick parishioners, school and parish staff are permitted to make requests.
  • Facilities cannot be used for political gatherings or any activities that conflict with the principles of the Catholic faith.
  • Our church facilities are an extension of our own homes and should be cared for with the same regard.

Please read the following and then fill out the form below to request usage of the facility.

Terms and Conditions of Facility Rental at St. Patrick:

Release: In consideration of “permissive entry and use” of the designated facilities for the described activity, the user, their representatives, heirs, and assigns, do hereby release, discharge, and covenant not to sue The Catholic Community of St. Patrick (Parish) and the Archdiocese of Louisville (Archdiocese) for any and all claims and liability arising from the use of these facilities. Furthermore, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Parish and Archdiocese and their employees from any claims, judgments, or expenses incurred by or the result of this activity. The user agrees to provide The Catholic Community of St. Patrick with an insurance liability certificate naming The Catholic Community of St. Patrick as an additional insured for the amounts listed below. Special event insurance may be purchased through the Parish for a nominal fee.

Minimum General Liability Coverage: $1,000,000.00

Minimum Host Liquor Liability Coverage: $1,000,000.00

Use and Conduct: The user covenants that the facilities will only be used for the described activity during the time(s) allotted and will vacate the premises upon request by the Parish. The user further understands that it is his or her responsibility to:

  • Arrange for the opening and closing of the room or facility
  • Have someone available to receive deliveries and handle returns or pick-ups
  • Ensure that all equipment used is returned in the same condition as received
  • Provide adequate supervision for all minors, minimum ratio of 1 adult per 6 children with 2 adults always present
  • Police the conduct of the event and its participants
  • Ensure that food and drink are kept in designated areas
  • Ensure the facilities are cleaned and returned to their original condition or state

Alcohol Usage: The user is responsible for obtaining the proper State and County Liquor Licenses to serve or sell alcohol. The user agrees to abide by the laws governing alcohol usage and provide the required insurance coverage for “Host Liquor Liability” as outlined in Item #1 above. Please contact the parish business manager to make sure you are in compliance with our parish liquor license.

Charitable Gaming - Raffles - Games of Chance: The user agrees that it will not conduct any type of gambling, raffle, or game of chance during the event. Parish organizations wishing to conduct such activities must speak with the parish business manager in order to obtain the proper licenses.

Food Service: Individuals requiring the use of the kitchen/concession stand must be properly trained. Usage is coordinated and approved by the Concession/Hospitality Ministry.

Expenses: The user covenants that it assumes liability for all bills, invoices, and expenses related to the described activity, including, but not limited to, additional charges by St. Patrick for clean-up or damages.

Political Events: Federal laws prohibit the use of Parish facilities for partisan political events.

St. Patrick retains the right to reassign the activity to another facility should the need arise.

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