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Holy Matrimony

Christian marriage is a sacrament (a sacred sign that reflects the relationship between Christ and the Church) where you commit yourselves to each other before God and your witnesses.  Through this sacrament, you will receive the grace and power to live out this public witness of love. The Church is committed to assisting you as you make this commitment, and we rejoice with you as you enter this vocation. As you prepare and live out this vocation, the Church is always with you.  

St. Patrick is available to assist you with your planning needs as a sign of our care for you and the sacrament. Below, you will find an explanation of the process of being married at St. Patrick Catholic Church. In addition, you will find resources that are helpful to your formation and planning experience. 

Scheduling a wedding and the associated formation at St. Patrick begins with completing our online interest form. We require this form to be completed as the first step, and it must be submitted at least six months before the proposed date of the wedding. However, we recommend starting your planning process as early as possible. Once the form is received, someone from the parish office will contact you about the next step in our process; at this time, discussions about space and clergy availability will occur.  

This form does NOT guarantee your preferred wedding date is reserved. This form expresses your desire to be married at St. Patrick. You will receive a response from the parish office within 3-5 working days. 

Click HERE to begin the process of being married at St. Patrick.  

Click HERE to access St. Patrick‚Äôs Wedding Policies & Procedures.  

Click HERE to access the steps couples follow to be married in the Catholic Church. 

Click HERE to access a list of resources related to marriage.