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Senior Ministry

Join a fun-loving and caring community of seniors.


The Leprechauns are the fun-loving senior ministry of St. Patrick providing social, spiritual, and emotional support for seniors 55 and over. We welcome those interested to come and join us at any of our events. For more information about membership and activities, please contact: Carolyn LaChance chlachance@aol.com

Upcoming Events

All Meetings are currently postponed

February: Thursday, 2/ 3, 11:30: Fellowship and Potluck with a members Hobbie/Craft Show 

March: St Patrick‚Äôs Day Party: exact date and time TBD

April: Thursday, 4/ 7, 11:30: Fellowship 

  Members outing to Derby Dinner Playhouse: exact date and time TBD

May: Thursday, 5/5, 11:30: Fellowship 

 Members outing to Churchill Downs: exact date and time TBD  

June: Thursday, 6/2, 11:30: Fellowship 

  Summer Holiday Picnic: exact date and time TBD

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